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Perfect Maine Lobster Roll®

Millions sold, so you know they’re good! For the first time ever you can now get the ingredients including my secret herbs and dressing developed in 2009. Only two people have known the recipe for 13 years, but now I will send you all the ingredients and you can quickly make this hot buttered toasty treat for your family, guest or yourself!

We’ll include 2 pounds of succulent, Maine, wild caught lobster, all out of the shell and cooked to perfection — just pop it into the 8 rolls and you are going to get positively rave reviews.

This melt-in-your-mouth selection includes everything you need for up to eight amazing Linda Bean’s Famous Lobster Rolls.

Add Linda Bean’s Chowder or Bisque and a delicious pie for dessert… your family and friends may never leave!

Maine Lobster Claw and Knuckle Meat

Ready to eat, no fuss, no shells, succulent, sustainable, sweet and tender, perfectly cooked whole claw meat.  One pound will make 4 lobster rolls.


Maine Lobster Tails

Four 4-5 ounce succulent, Maine, wild caught lobster tails. Never boiled, only High Pressure Processing (HPP) for our lobsters. The tails have the most meat and come in the shell for your serving pride and enjoyment!
Delivered frozen, cooking instructions included, these cook very quickly!


Live Lobster

Super fresh and the perfect size for one person!

Each lobster is approximately 1.25 lbs. Packed right off the boats in Maine, Our women-owned business will bring them to your door, with instructional tips for cooking and serving.

Our lobsters are All natural, wild caught by Maine fishing families using sustainable practices.

You can trust your getting Super fresh, super sweet and super delicious lobster every time!

Minimum order of 6.
We will ship for your smallest gathering and your largest occasion. “From 6 to 600.”

 From “Trap to Table”.  Just place your order here and we’ll deliver live lobsters from the waters off the coast of Maine straight to your door. It doesn’t get any better than that!


Maine Pasta Lobster Traps™

Linda Bean’s Lobster Traps™ brings together the convenience of ravioli with the delectable flavor of fresh Maine lobster. Prepared in Linda’s special sauce, this lobster ravioli is beyond compare.