Hey Lobster Lovers, Happy New Year!

We wanted to share some Lobster Facts with all of you that are focusing on your healthy resolutions for 2023! Now, I know what your thinking…how can that sweet, delicate, meat that is doused in butter actually be healthy? Well, when you hold the butter, Maine Lobster is one of the healthiest proteins you can eat!

Lobster is a great source of protein and is a healthy alternative to pork, beef, or chicken. Lobster is considered a superfood and is known to aid in weight loss, mental health, thyroid disease and anemia. It can boost your immune system and help reduce the risk of heart disease and even cancer.  Lobster has even been known to help improve brain brain power by maintaining brain health and helping with cognitive function. For even more benefits, lobster is good for healthy bones, higher energy and can help with inflammation as well.

Lobster is packed with omega-3s, vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants.  It is low in calories, fat, cholesterol, and contains zero carbs.

We wanted to share some of our favorite ways to eat lobster, other than the traditional lobster roll or whole cooked lobster. Our Lobster tails are raw, flash frozen and sealed in a salt water glaze for a natural preservation. Give them a quick thaw and rinse and they can be cooked in a variety of ways. They are a perfect source of protein and can easily be prepared by steaming, broiling, or grilling. Our lobster tails are a great addition with a steak or a star all on their own. Serve them with your favorite vegetables, pasta, or rice for a well balanced meal.

Our perfectly prepared lobster claw and knuckle meat is cooked in a high pressure cooking process which kills all of the pathogens and is then flash frozen for freshness. It is never sprayed with any chemicals or preservatives. Pre-portioned in one pound packs, our claw and knuckle meat can be used for the traditional lobster rolls or for some other options it can be made into a fish stew, sprinkled on your favorite salad, tossed with your favorite pasta, or even stacked in tacos. The lobster possibilities are endless and tasty! 

With all of these great options, Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster, makes it easy to incorporate lobster into your everyday meals and discover your new favorite protein. Grab yourself some healthy Maine lobster today and make sure to share your favorite recipes with us!

Discover all the healthy benefits from Maine Lobster. All products are available for nationwide shipping!