At Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster we are proud to offer live lobsters from the cold waters of Maine, caught by our lobstering families that have been in the industry for generations, as well as lobster products that are produced and processed in the highest quality.

We are proud to offer lobster products that are processed in a humane, state of the art facility. We use a unique cold water HPP (High Pressure Processing) to process our lobster meat and tails. 

Our HPP process breaks the connective tissues that bonds the meat to the shell and allows the meat to be easily extracted and recovered, also eliminating fragments of shell in the meat. The live fresh lobsters are placed in containers and then placed into the HPP unit for 2 minutes. the non thermal technology uses cold water and extreme high pressure, about 5x more pressure than found at the bottom of the ocean, resulting in 100% separation of the lobster meat from the shell. The lobsters basically go for a deep dive. The HPP process increases productivity and maximizes labor usage while offering a tastier, premium quality product with an extended shelf life. 

Since there is no heat involved, the HPP process ensures that the lobster meat retains its texture and out of the ocean taste from the day it was harvested. All of the nutritional properties are preserved and this process helps neutralize pathogens, ensuring high food safety standards. All items are then packed in there cooked or raw states and nitrogen frozen with no preservatives or chemicals. Our lobster meat is all natural and produced, packaged, and prepared at the highest of quality so you always have the best tasting experience. 

Now that you have a little HPP information, be sure to check out our amazing lobster products prepared for you in the highest standards and quality! 

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