At Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster, our products are wholesome and healthy! We recognize dietary restrictions and we strive to offer products that fit everyone needs. We have a variety of products that are Gluten Free! While being Gluten Free, all of our products contain no growth hormones or antibiotics, they are NON-GMO and are preservative free. 

Our live lobsters, lobster tails and claw and knuckle meat are not only chemical and preservative free but they are also 100% gluten free. We use sustainable practices when fishing the lobster, efficient methods of preparation and all natural preservation so we can ensure that our products are high quality. 

Our Lobster Parmesan Sauce is made with Fresh Maine Lobster Meat in a blend of parmesan and Pecorino Romano cheeses with a touch of lemon and white pepper. Paired with vegetables, rice or served on your favorite protein, this Gluten Free sauce is a perfect addition to all of your favorite meals! 

Our Maine Maple Syrup is made in the Western Foothills of Maine and family-owned. It is 100% Organic and Gluten Free. Both of our delicious BBQ sauces are also Gluten Free so you have two yummy choices to pick from; Maple BBQ or Blueberry BBQ. Our Maine Hot Dogs, both Natural Casing and our Famous Red Snappers, all of our Maine Sea Salts and all flavors of our coffees are also some great Gluten Free options we have available! 

Maine Summit Spring water is one of the oldest and most revered natural spring sources in North America. It remains one of the last free-flowing springs on the earth. The water is captured, gravity fed and bottled all at the source. There is no nutrition label and no treatment required for this pure, fresh and 100% Gluten Free Maine Water!

We offer a variety of Maine chocolate goodies here at Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster. As well as being women-owned, NON-GMO, and using Rainforest Certified Cocoa, all of our chocolates are Gluten Free! We carry Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bars, Milk and Dark Chocolate covered Sea Salted Caramels, and our Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Lobster Claws for something sweet! 

Make sure to stay tuned as we add more inventory! We are looking forward to bringing in a variety of butters, goat cheeses, and more maple products, which of course are all Gluten Free!

Order Online or Call Us - 1-855-USMAINE (1-855-876-2463) to place your order and have it shipped anywhere in the USA!